The Snowboard Pole has been developed after years of research by snowboarders for snowboarders. Strong, light and easy to use our pole enables you to propel yourself over flat spots on mountain terrain and control your snowboard through ski lift queues enabling you to get on to ski lifts with both feet still bound into your snowboard.

Now there is no need to unbind - simply remove the Snowboard Pole from the quick release secure storage system and you can maintain your momentum to the next run or ski lift, then quickly re-secure the Snowboard Pole.

Check out the video to see how effortlessly the rider glides across a flat, how easy it is to get on and off a ski lift and how safely secured the Snowboard Pole is when not in use.
Stay bound in all day!
With The snowboard pole there is no need to unbind from your snowboard at anytime.
Propulsion & control
Propel yourself over a flat spot to your next run or ski lift. Control your snowboard through the lift queue and onto a lift, with both feet still bound to your snowboard*!
Pole position
The secure storage system fits on to any snowboard boot with secure strapping included, it does not interfere with your bindings and suits any ride position. Quick to deploy from stored to extended in 5.2 seconds! (if you are quick).
Easy to fit
The snowboard pole comes with easy to follow fitting instructions.
Made from the latest carbon fibre technology, the snowboard pole is strong and light and will not affect your balance when riding.

The snowboard pole does not stop your snowboard from flexing when stored.

The snowboard pole extends up to 193cm and collapses to 113cm for storage.

The snow engaging section & releasable securings have been purposely designed and vacuum cast manufactured for the snowboard pole system.

The releasable securings, which are designed to allow the snowboard to flex when required, are strapped to your snowboard boots. One of the securings has rubber grips which allows your snowboard to flex but helps to stop your snowboard pole from slide left or right when stored.

The snowboard pole diameters are:
Upper section is 34.8mm.
Lower section is 31.3mm.
Wall thickness is 2.8mm.

The snowboard pole weighs approx. 600g,
The securings weigh 50g each.